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It's nice to be recognized (#cmykforever) for your creative talents.

Especially when those doing the recognizing are seasoned industry design professionals commissioned with the difficult task of choosing the very best work being done at the student level in portfolio school design and advertising. All artwork submitted into CMYK's design contests for design students is juried by some of the most prolific creative professionals in advertising, illustration, graphic design, and photography. Each piece of work entered into CMYK's Top 100 New Creatives and published on CMYK's IOS-based graphic design magazine in CMYK App, is selected by a list of  industry design professionals that has included nearly 350 different projessionals the likes of Chase, Angeli, Payne, Sagmeister, Hische, and Adams.

If you consider yourself emerging or aspiring illustrator, photographer, graphic designer, art director, and/or copywriter, and you're looking for more potential to have your best work recognized and celebrated, register for the competition by clicking here.