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Not everyone who doesn't have job experience can't do the job. And not everyone who has job experience can do the job. It's just that in order to get it, you first need to have it.

Experience is something meant to be experienced, yet the creative opportunities today are so extremely tasked specific, best not to waste your time if you're not a publication designer with a background in Glendale-area sushi. Or a copywriter who can art direct, manage the accounting department and shoot from 23 feet.

So, you're "not qualified." Don't feel too bad because it doesn't mean you're "unqualified". For instance, nobody had experience in design publishing when CMYK magazine first formed. One had a degree in journalism and could write. The other had a degree in design and could art direct. It becomes about creating opportunities for yourself and seeing just how far you are willing to go in obtaining your dream goal. WIthin the law, of course.

Whether you go full-time with an advertising agency, go live with your startup, or go freelance with your design career, to get there you still need to do the hard work. Research and development. Making the contacts. Setting the tone. Using the proper tools. Joining the conversation. Keeping your name in the conversation. Putting yourself out there. Letting them know you are interested. Doing your due diligence. Playing in the game. Establishing your own rules. Getting out of bed in the morning. Whatever that looks like to you, always be moving forward. Shark-style.

When CMYK started transitioning from print to app, everyone immediately thought chicken wings and dipping sauces. What the magazine may have been lacking in IOS design and development experience, we made up with a surplus of time, dedication, technique, faith willingness, hope, wits, interplanetary influence, the ability to shapeshift, the help of sworn allies, oodles of luck, great timing, and the forever reminder that, at the end of the day, it's all about love.

If you have to have it, then you've got to go get it. Let nothing stop you. When all else fails, when you need some cheering up, remember three things - this is the final list I promise: 1) Persistence, along with potential, can sometimes substitute for a spot-on portfolio. 2.) Having experience, in itself, doesn't guarantee that somebody can actually do the job. 3) And, it's not too late to arrive at exactly the right moment.

Do the work and the rest will follow. Until then, thank you very much for reading and here's to getting it done in the best way you know how. Good luck and feel free to add to the conversation below.



[Photo: You don't need experience to know the logo needs to be bigger.]


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