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Back in App: DPI to PPI, Printing Press to IOS, Paper to Future.

CMYK Magazine is a free download for the iPad that lets you browse the award-winning work of rising artists, graphic designers, illustrators, photographers, art directors, and copywriters coming out of today’s most prolific art schools and design programs.

Contact the artist, share and see more of their work. View artwork you haven’t seen yet. Be inspired by a collection of visual and communication art brought to life in Retina display glory. Witness the evolution of a print publication to iPad. As the new home to CMYK Magazine's Top 100 New Creatives design contests for students, CMYK App now delivers a quality art contests for design students exclusively for the iPad. CMYK's native app brings the very best graphic design inspiration that CMYK delivers to all of your desktops.

After 18 years, the printed CMYK is now the digital CMYK where the artwork lives on the page in the glory of the modern retina display. You will still need your fingers. Only now, with backlit technology, you can actually see fine detail and artistic nuance presented in a modern and user-friendly environment. The new CMYK Magazine was built exclusively - like our printed version - to recognize and reward design students and graduates by showcasing their work. 

You'll find the new issue of CMYK right now by typing "cmyk magazine" in the App Store, or by clicking here for complete details. No waiting for the mail delivery as you can swipe through CMYK Magazine on CMYK App with the speed and formatting of a paper publication. In 2017, you can even like, share, favorite, and visit the URLs of artists right on the device. At the end of the day, mission accomplished.

A custom IOS platform has officially been developed for the sole purpose of honoring the work submitted by new artists into CMYK's design contests for students - recognized in a bolder, more impactful visual experience exclusively for the iPad.

Showcasing Art Contests for Design Students: Design, Illustration, Photography & Advertising (art & copy)

All work entered into CMYK's 100 Top New Creatives and published on CMYK's IOS-based graphic design magazine in CMYK App, will be chosen by an industry design professionals that has included nearly 350 different projessionals the likes of Chase, Angeli, Payne, Sagmeister, Hische, and Adams.

CMYK Magazine is now available to download from within the app itself. As a free download, it all starts with CMYK Gallery - a selection of an ever-evolving artist tumble-showcase featuring the work of design students in graphic design and digital artists, traditional graphic designers, copywriters, art directors, illustrators, and photographers. CMYK App is also the new and devoted home of subscription-based CMYK Magazine, an evolutionary design-publication-as-app approach to the more one-size-fits-all, template-based app kits. 

As with CMYK's 20-year history in design publishing, the foundation of CMYK App is rooted in quality and opportunity. When all is said and done, CMYK App is a two-in-one, fully customized, forever updateable, completely capable, industry relatable format and medium built in the name of inspiration, celebration, and recognition. Recent design graduates and design students are eligible to have thier work published in CMYK Magazine, including anyone currently attending a design school, portfolio school, art department, online course or classroom or creative workshop. Self taught included.

CMYK Magazine IOS/IPad Is all about promoting the work of talented student designers nad design inspiration - available now on the iPad as CMYK Magazine.

A Modern Portfolio Showcase For Award-Winning Student Work

  • See CMYK Magazine in a whole new backlight.

  • View Top 100 New Creatives winners past & present.

  • Design, illustration, photography, and art & copy.

  • Like, share, favorite, see more from the artist.

  • Get two in one: FREE gallery + CMYK Magazine.

  • Behold fresh artwork in Retina glory on the iPad.


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